Reayang and Citoyang: the Elements of well-being

Consecutive Biological Medicine expresses, through an innovative therapeutical concept, a combination between the millennial experience of Chinese Medicine and the regulation of  P.N.E.I.  Balance by finally providing for an effective response to intractable diseases. Consecutive Therapy is based on the use of vegetable substances which, in proper percentages, resemble specific molecules in our body, by giving a signal to cells in order to reactivate them.

Consecutive Therapy allows simultaneous use of different curative approaches such as Traditional Medicines, Herbal Medicines and Homeopathic Medicines: they are harmonized and mutually regulated by allowing more appreciable results. Consecutive Therapy is a syhthesis of Integrated Medicine, that is a synergy between Consecutive Therapy, Biological Medicine and Systemic Phytotherapy.


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